About Us

FlagsEstablished in 2001 with a simple philosophy: provide customer service to all clients in an industry where customer service is not the standard. We want to stand out in a crowd of countless agencies claiming to provide excellent service and results, when the typical collection agency will actually turn away accounts based on the amount or age of the debt. Many collection agencies have confusing tiered pricing schedules that justify them charging a client more money based on the amount or age of a debt.

We subscribe to the opposite philosophy: ONE FLAT AND FAIR RATE, PERIOD. Typical collection agencies will only work on account for as long as they see fit, pushing their clients to write off accounts sooner than may be necessary. We do what you expect of us, you want us to explore every option and exhaust every effort available and every method that is provided by local and federal laws.

Our philosophy has driven our success. It has always been our deepest desire to provide a quality service for our clients. Our clients are our bosses and we keep an open line of communication with them throughout the collection process. We strive to work with our clients every step of the way and include them in the decision process. We always provide you with honest answers and viable suggestions to get your money recovered as efficiently as possible.

We utilize all the methods available for successful recovery on all accounts placed with our agency. State-of-the-art debtor and asset location software tools with highly trained and knowledgeable people at the helm to identify key information that can be the critical difference between a successful account and an unsuccessful account. We have mastered the art of negotiation and mediation between our clients and the people who owe them money (aka debtors). Our willingness to get involved and open a dialogue is what makes us a unique agency. We also understand that some of our clients wish to resolve debts amicably and retain their customer for as long as possible. Our professional and knowledgeable approach makes this possible in many situations.

Our knowledge and ability to help clients exercise their legal rights in the court system is another part of our success. We can assist in every step of filing a Small Claims Court claim. We know all of the details that can make the difference between a successful court trial and an unsuccessful trial. We have trained and certified Judgment Enforcement Specialists that know how to use the courts and the law to get your money back. When an account is too large for the Small Claims Court, we have partnered with several law firms and attorneys who are able to take your case to civil court on contingency for one flat rate, period. The attorney only gets paid when you get paid.

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