Full Service Collections

Complete collection services for a simple and affordable contingency fee. You are never charged for unsuccessful accounts.

Commercial and consumer account recovery will save you and your business valuable time.

Credit reporting & profiling is provided for no additional charge.

Our experience and assistance with Small Claims and Civil Court is available to strengthen your success in court. 

Debtor Location Services

(Skip Tracing)

Debtor and Asset location services are also included. Save time and money by utilizing our knowledgeable staff’s state-of-the-art techniques.

Through the use of public records, social media, credit profiles, and several private information databases, we can find your missing debtor, also known as a “skip”.

We can often times find out many things about a debtor including how much other debt they have, what assets they may have and more.

Judgment Recovery Services

Have you been to court already and are you unsure what to do with your Transcript of Judgment?

You can obtain Judgment Recovery assistance from our Certified Judgment Recovery Professionals.

  • Property Liens
  • Business Seizures & Sales
  • Bank & Wage Garnishments – A fast, affordable and effective method to recover debts.
  • Business Till Taps – This can produce quick results & make a strong impression.