Debtor Location Services

What is Debtor Location?

Person-tracking and other location services utilizing electronically-stored public database information, credit reports and property records are collectively called “skip tracing”. Most (if not all) collection agencies depend on skip tracing to locate debtors, their families and their assets.

We can track debtors across the United States, even if your debtor is a “professional” (i.e. possessing multiple aliases).

Our sources include:

  • Experian™ Credit Profile reports
  • Lexis Nexis® Accurint™ database searches
  • DomainTools® Whois reverse lookups
  • U.S. Secretaries of State
  • County-level real estate registrars
  • Permutator™ automated alias-checking
  • TLO database searches
  • Local Licensing Authorities
  • …and many more!