Legal Services

Small Claims Court

Small Claims CourtTaking your claim to the legal level has never been easier! Our trained staff can schedule and file your Small Claims Court case! All you need to do is show up on time at the Courthouse with your supporting documents!

Small Claims Limits

  • Under $7,500


$140.00 This fee covers the actual cost of filing & service-of-process. Any unused portion will be refunded to you or applied to the cost of enforcing your judgment.


Small Claims Court may be designed to be a simple process, but did you know that one small miss-spelling or error in the debtor’s name can make your judgment unenforceable?

We have the experience and knowledge to get your case filed correctly the first time. Let us help you with all of the details! We never charge more than the actual filing and service costs!

Civil Court

For larger or more intensive (including out-of-state) claims we recommend proceeding with the assistance of one of our many skilled and experienced collections attorneys.


  • Amounts Owed Over $7,500
  • Out-Of-State Debtors
  • Complicated or Disputed Matters

Contact us today to estimate costs and see how our exclusive partnerships with local and national Collections Attorneys can help you recover your funds with minimum cost to you.